**Interactive Calendar is not working properly.**

September Classes are FULL. October Schedule:

October 10-11 8am Start
October 24-25 8am Start
We are willing to hold classes on any weekend with 4 students minimum
We are running smaller 7 person classes until further notice. These classes will cost $175 and include the range fee, not ammo. The 1st 8 hours will be held on Saturdays and the 2nd 8 hours will be held on Sundays. Contact me through the form under the Class Calendar tab. These classes will require a $35 deposit to prevent NOSHOWS. The deposit can be paid under the DEPOSITS/PAYMENTS TAB. Pick the $35 Firearm Transfer drop down.
Anyone with a Groupon will still need to place a $35 deposit that is refundable in class.
If you are interested in attending a class, please complete the form below, specify the class desired and the date. We will contact you to confirm availability.

NRA Basic Pistol              $100
ILL CCL 1st 8Hours         $100
ILL CCL 2nd 8Hours        $100
ILL CCL Full 16Hours      $175