We are willing to hold classes on any weekend with 4 students minimum
We are running smaller 4 person classes until the Governor lifts the social distancing requirements. These classes will cost $195 and include the range fee, not ammo. The 1st 8 hours will be held on either Thursday or Friday and the 2nd 8 hours can be held on either a Friday or over the weekend. Anyone with a Groupon can either pay the increased rates, or just wait for full classes to resume. Contact me through the form under the Class Calendar tab.

Calendar of Classes

If you are interested in attending a class, please complete the form below, specify the class desired and the date. We will contact you to confirm availability.

NRA Basic Pistol              $100
ILL CCL 1st 8Hours         $100
ILL CCL 2nd 8Hours        $100
ILL CCL Full 16Hours      $175