Customer Testimonials

Bob N

With my previous firearms experience and back ground with guns, I just wasn’t aware of how much I really didn’t know!   Personally, I was impressed with the amount of information that I received from the  2 day class.  It was a blend of classroom instruction, video and hands on.  The class was fun and didn’t drag on. Dave Nicioli kept it interesting and moving along.  The class material was relevant and some are from the USCCA United States Concealed Carry Association, which I found to be top notch and extremely helpful.   The current Illinois Carry Statutes and other handouts were a plus.  Dave’s range skills and weapons handling is something to boast about.  I was very much at ease and comfortable during qualifying.  I would recommend the class to guys and gals, all age groups and even the experienced, as I thought I was!
Frank K.

Also wanted to say thanks for a great course.  It was really informative and I enjoyed the hands on aspects and all the additional resources that you directed me to.  I would highly recommend you and your company to anyone I come across that is looking for any kind of firearms training. 
big Dave 

Thanks had a great time learned a lot and gave a lot to think about.would recommend the class to anybody thinking of conceal carry or just wants to learn to shoot properly and gun care.
Michael K

Excellent class!!!! Dave is very down to Earth and secure in himself -- he is willing to admit things he's doesn't know. For him, it's all about the students -- not his ego.

The class I took (Illinois Conceal Carry) was truly awesome. Dave (probably due to his years in military service) starts with fundamentals and tends NOT to use a lot of firearms jargon or assume students know more than they do. He would be an awesome instructor no matter your level because of his ability to adjust to the student.
Nancy A

Loved your class, Dave Nicioli. We had a mixed group of mostly novices and a couple of people with shooting experience, and it was perfect. Learned so much about safety, too.
Joe M.

  Just wanted to say thanks again for this weekends classes. It was really informative and even though i am just scraping the surface on this gun thing, you've made me feel a lot more comfortable about it. you really do a great job with your classes, you should be proud of what you have going. Thanks again.
Dave W.

Great class, great training, very knowledgeable instructor.

David B.

Instructor David Nicioli provided a no-nonsense approach to both NRA Basic Pistol and IL CCW permit training. Class was well-organized and scheduling was flexible. I took his class which inspired me to further my own education beyond CCW permit training.

Thanks for your hard work, David!

Aimee S.

This was my first time taking any type of firearm course. Dave spent

 time educating us about the different types of pistols, pros & cons,

 basics of using a pistol, etc. Our time at the range was awesome.

 Utilizing the skills he taught us during the NRA Basic Pistol course,

 I was able to qualify with no problem. I never
 felt intimidated to ask

 questions or for help. His class is a smaller size which allows for a

 organized and focused learning experience. Dave also provides

 you with the information so you can further your knowledge after

the class. HIGHLY recommend Shootrite Training to everyone

whether you are new to firearms or experienced.
Chad S.
Dave and Dave both had great personalities. Both took this course very

seriously as this in not a game. They were there to instruct and make you

 think of the benefits and the seriousness of what the concealed carry permit

 entails. It is not just a card. The small class size allows for a comfortable

 setting in which questions get answered and discussions can be had. I was

 very happy with the two day class and would recommend it to anyone. I am

 going to eventually go back and take his Utah class as well. Thank you

Dave and Dave.

Lisa H
These guys are the best! The wealth of knowledge they posess, the infinite patience with newbies questions and the extra time and effort they put into making sure their students are comfortable & well trained in the handling and use of firearms sets them apart from all the rest.
Bill D
I recently attended Shootrite training for my IL conceal carry license. With never before having training in either firearms or laws on firearms, I gained a wealth of knowledge from Mr. Bleichroth and Shootrite training. Very professional, very thorough and definitely dedicated to educating! When you leave, you'll know you were in the right place!
Mark S
Great class! The instructor, Dave Bleichroth is very helpful and knowledgeable. I met the owner, Dave Nicioli, who was also very helpful. Myself and the 9 other people who took the conceal and carry class with me are glad we went through this company.
Kim DS
Dave and Dave were great. Explained and demonstrated to help me understand. Great suggestions. Made me feel confident I could shoot. Will recommend them to all who mention taking a class.
Tara R
Dave B is a great instructor. Helpful, confident in his training, and motivating.
Nick D
Highly recommend for training! Solid, knowledgeable instructors.
Amanda B
Dave was an excellent instructor and he made learning fun. I was afraid I would be bored to death, but it was the complete opposite.....and the information was great. I would recommend him over and over!
Phil P
Enjoyed the class, appropriate for multiple levels of experience. Dave's enthusiasm on the subject was obvious and is willing to be a continual resource.
Bradie P
I loved this experience. It was a great balance of delivery of the important information and hands-on training. Dave is patient, respectful and has an impressive wealth of background knowledge.
Jason W
Dave is a great knowledgeable instructor who actually made the class very fun while still keeping proper gun handling and saftey # 1 over anything else. Would definately recommend for anybody looking to take their ccw class!!
Joel R
I attended the CCC conducted by Dave in Sep 2015. He is very knowledgeable in firearms and safety. But more impressing part of the class was when he lectured on legal ramifications as well as insurance requirements of carrying a gun. Dave is knowledgeable, intelligent and respectable. A rare combination indeed!

Bonus: Nice FFL service!